I want to protect my Islamic identity
 I want to protect my Islamic identity

I want to protect my Islamic identity

Through watching safe and filtered content for a fixed (sadaqah jaariyah) amount per month or year!

Albunyaan is working on providing Islamic filtered content to assist the practicing Muslim who strives to protect their Islamic identity. This is achieved by avoiding prohibited films/series and making permissible films/series available at any time of the day.

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Islamic Identity

In a time when children and young people shape their identity through striving for money, fame, career at school and through social media, it has resulted in the true identity of a Muslim being seen as secondary or even unknown. But what is that identity? Attaining the Pleasure of Allah with the ultimate outcome of eternal Paradise. This is what Albunyaan contributes to by making educational programs available from the Quran and the Sunnah in a simple and enjoyable manner, to raise awareness among children and young people about their Islamic identity and how they can practice their faith according to the Qor'aan and Sunnah.

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Learning Arabic

Learning the Arabic language is important to understand the Quran and the Sunnah, but not everyone has the time and motivation to sit with grammar books. Scientific studies have proven that in the initial stages of language learning, it is best to expand your vocabulary through listening and then practicing speaking. It may be challenging at first, but by being persistent and patient, Allah will help you and your child become proficient in Arabic. Albunyaan offers hundreds of educational and interesting films and series for you and your child to enjoy!

Ongoing reward (sadaqah jaariyah)

Your subscription ensures that you are watching movies and series while earning countless hasanaat (rewards). How does it work? By your monthly contribution, Albunyaan remains accessible to everyone, and you also support other dawah projects that strive to help families in need, among other things. All of these hasanaat will be added to your scale of good deeds, even after you have passed away!

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