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Albunyaan supports multiple foundations that engage in various projects to spread the Dawah (invitation to Allah). These projects aim to reach both Muslims and non-Muslims. It is important to emphasize that all proceeds from Albunyaan are directly forwarded to these foundations, enabling them to continue and expand their important work.

Let's take a look at some of these foundations and their efforts:

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Stichting Al-Istiqaamah

Stichting Al-Istiqaamah is a non-profit Islamic relief organization that focuses on providing assistance to girls and women aged twelve and above. With their team of expert scholars, they draw upon the sources of the Qor'aan, the Sunnah of the Prophet  and the Sunnah of his companions to offer a holistic approach to addressing social, societal, spiritual, educational, and other issues. Through guidance and support, they strive to help these women overcome their challenges and lead a life in accordance with the Pleasure of Allaah.

Tarbiyah Consultancy

Tarbiyah Consultancy is a renowned non-profit organization that focuses on providing educational programs, courses, and activities to the Muslim community. Their aim is to help people understand and practice Islam correctly, based on the teachings of the Qor'aan, the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and the Sunnah of his companions. In this regard, they have released two valuable publications:

  • Appointment with the King 

  • The Mercy of Islaam for Non-Muslims

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